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mark.JPEGHere is a short “Hello Post!” to introduce you my blog which – as the title clearly states – will be on EU media, EU blogs and EU politics. My modest goal is to give you personal – though accurate – relevant comments about what’s going on the EU media landscape and general EU politics.

You might object that this blog is just another EU blog on EU media. Indeed, there are already high quality blog on the EU mediasphere (Brussels Media, etc.) and worth articles on the EU blogosphere (NoseMonkey’s EUTopia, John Worth’s EU Blog, etc.). But those are all Brits’! Through my analysis, I will therefore try to inject my refreshed and cheeky French point of view.

Being hosted on, it’s quite natural that my second post will be dedicated to this promising – though very young – EU blog platform launched at the end of 2007.

Enjoy your reading!

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  1. Hi Brussels Bloggers! Hi Michal!

    Indeed, a very important topic though not overly treated. This blog should look like a review of major sources of information on the EU.

    Btw. What do you think of Blogactiv as a blog platform (I mean frankly)?

    See you soon.

  2. Hi Julien!

    No, of course, not all EU blogs are owned by Brits. However… The great majority is written in English. That’s the difference. When blogging about EU, bloggers generally prefer to choose English to reach the most possible readers. I guess you (German?) and me (French) are in this case.

    Btw. Nice blog is yours (especially your monitoring / tracking of the upcomming EP elections 2009).

    A tantĂ´t like the Belgians say.

  3. EU media is an endless topic for discussion, so don`t be afraid of being not original. And it is always interesting to see different point of views on one and the same question. Good luck!!!

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