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Today’s post will be about Café Babel an European affairs magazine well-known for its EU blog platform. Don’t hesitate to correct me if I am wrong.

  • Description

Café Babel was created in 2001 by European students to trigger the debate about EU issues among the young Europeans. 8 years after its launch, Café Babel is definitely a big boy in the EU media landscape.

Café Babel describes itself as the “the first multilingual European current affairs magazine” essentially based on on participatory journalism mainly targeting a young audience namely “the first generation living Europe on a day-by-day basis thanks to the Erasmus study exchange programme”. Indeed, CafeBabel estimates that about 73% of its audience is composed of “students and young professionals” (18-35 years old). These readers, being familiar with the use of Internet technologies, have many ways to contribute to CaféBabel. As a collaborative European magazine, Café Babel has about 80 active blogs from about 8 countries and 8 Fora. Worth articles are usually displayed on the homepages by sections (Culture, Economy, World Affairs, Society, etc.).

  • Evaluation of positive / negative aspects

cafebabel.pngAs far as I am concerned, Café Babel is an extraordinary community-based European platform and its develop model rely mainly on its young, enthusiastic and participatice Babelians readers. Another strengh is multilingualism. Indeed, though the main content is available in English and French. The magazine is also partially translated into Spanish, Italian, Polish, Catalan and German.

However, its main strength can be a “double-edged sword”. It’s younger audience writes about a much wider array of topics and provides a great deal of variety. This, therefore, means that there is less EU affairs focus.

  • Popularity

Café Babel has a Page Rank (7/10) but – as noted by Nosemonkey – a strangely low Technorati rank. From my humble point of view, this ranking of Cafe Babel could certainly be improved and perhaps should be higher since they already have more than 80 active Babel Blogs.

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