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Today’s article will be on a major French EU Media namely

  • Description
  • is French web portal on European issues set by the French European Centre of Information in May 2006.

    In the scope of the French EU Presidency, is currently leading a project called “Paroles d’Européens” meant to give young French citizens the opportunity to give their opinion about the EU in different cities of France (successively Marseille, Lyon, La Rochelle, Paris, Nantes, Paris). Next interactive event is planned in Nantes, a city I particularly cherish and cherished because I am from there. Just take a look at their DailyMotion’s channel to see their vibrant interviews (in French only).

  • Evaluation of positive / negative aspects
  • picture1.pngThe originality of is probably its use of web 2.0 tools (, Facebook Group, FlickR, Netvibes Universe, etc.) which seems to perfectly fit with their web-publishing strategy. Indeed, not only do they produce articles and analysis, but also run a regularly updated blog (eToile). As far as I am concerned, one of their main interesting production has been a Cartography of the European webosphere and blogosphere showing who links to whom and which sites have the highest influence (and which should be updated as noted by Jon Worth).
    On of the criticism might the absence of a multilingual policy compared to other well-established French EU media (Les Euros du Village is published four languages, Café Babel in seven ones, etc.).

  • Popularity
  • Thanks to his high-quality articles and analysis plus its web 2.0 strategy, (PageRank : 7/10) is very well-positioned on a number of key topics. However, their blog has only a Technorati rank of 29.

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