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Today’s article will be on a Les Euros du Village, a young dynamic EU media platform.

  • Description
  • euros.pngLes Euros du Village is a collaborative web project launched on the 1st June 2005 by Mathieu Collet – currently the head of the eponym association (ASBL) – with the goal to “strive towards the establishment of both an information platform and a location where one can gather relevant ideas and opinions on European stakes and policies”.

    As an interactive multilingual web platform, Les Euros du Village brings together young professionals interested in European matters to provide “accessible” information about EU issues with news, analysis and also audiovisual contents. Any member of the association is free to submit an article which is then closely moderated by the editorial staff.
    Additionaly, Les Euros du Village recently launched a blog platform focused on European affairs namely Eurosblogs. The first EurosBlog blog (“Y a pas le feu à l’Europe“) is written by volunteers of the European Institute of Geneva.

    As an association, Les Euros du Village is represented in many fora of the European civil society in Brussels and all over Europe.

  • Evaluation of positive / negative aspects
  • As an educational project, Les Euros du Village, like Café Babel, is one of the main non-commercial initiative to bring non-partisan information about the European Union. Les Euros du Village benefits also of a large network with local implantation in European universities and schools (like the prestigious College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium). I would also add that Les Euros du Village makes a wide use of web 2.0 tools just like However, while they provide networthy articles, analysis and interviews, the content is not often updated.

  • Popularity
  • As an EU media platform, Les Euros du Village has becoming one of the most popular. If you take a look at the history behind the website, you will find that it was just a blog at the beginning “as a reaction to the event which saw the Constitutional Treaty being voted off by referendum in France”. It is now one of the major leading EU media supported by the “European dream”. I would say let this dream be also ours so that the EU do not remain an EU-topia.

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