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euro2.pngThis is a short post about Les Euros du Village‘s European Web Directory called “Europe on the Web“, a nice feature not included in my precedent post but worth to be mentioned here.

Europe on the Web is much more than a coherent agregation of links. Actually, it is a typology of the European webosphere and blogosphere with about 370 ressources including descriptions, logos and links.

Categories are the following ones:

  • Euroblogs and militant websites
  • Universities and think tanks
  • European policies and institutions
  • European news
  • Resources
  • Lobbying, political parties and civil society
  • Europe by geographical areas
  • Initiatives corner

I would have probably add an internal search engine to browse these golden pages. And it is just a pity that you canno’t submit a link!

Another initiative worth to be mentioned here is the one of NoseMonkey’s EU Blog Directory which ranks EU blogs on the basis of Technorati and provides useful hints and remarks.

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  1. Thank you very much for mentionning our “golden pages”. We are currently working on their improvement. It was previously possible to suggest new links but we had to face a huge amount of fakes and spams (more than 1000 a month). The internal search engine is a very good idea ! We try to update these links on a regular basis and to translate our appreciations. It is not perfect but I hope this is useful!!

    In addition, we are working on building up a new English speakers team. Volunteers welcomed to take part in our project which is very open and offers good opportunities. Euros du Village has to deal with a permanent growth and we encourage enthousiastic people to join us in this crazy project!

    Mathieu Collet, président – Euros du Village

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