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Today’s article will be on A Fisful of Euros, the famous high quality multi-user blog on European affairs.

  • Description
  • afoe1.pngA Fisful of Euros is a multi-user blog dedicated to “important developments from NATO to UEFA, from the EU to Eurovision”. There are currently 15 active authors and a dozen of additional worth contributors. Though different nationalities are represented, articles are only written in English. Generally, editorial content is very good and updated on a regular basis. In parallel of their common editorial activity, they are apparently planning to develop podcats.

    In 2007, A Fisful of Euros has also been hosting a very interesting online event called “The Annual Satin Pajama Awards meant to “celebrate the best of the European blogosphere”. Even if this event did not collected an important amount of votes, polls’ results seemed rather to reflect the reality. For your information, Petite Anglaise won the third edition “The Satin Pajama 2007 for the Best European Weblog”.

  • Evaluation of positive / negative aspects
  • As I already mentionned it, A Fisful of Euros produces very good content on EU-related topics in a very good English. However, English is the sole and only language used on this platform. As far as I am concerned, this lack of multilingual policy when dealing with the EU affairs is clearly a failure (even if English is overly represented in the European institutions).

    While the blog platform is very-well designed, the interface is not fully optimized from a user-friendly point of view. For instance, taking into account the great amount of articles in their archive, I would rather add an internal search engine to browse this noteworthy content. Additionnaly, a couple of minor changes (adding a favicon, a sitemap, META, improving the use of RSS, setting a newsletter, etc.) could really improve the blog platform as a whole.

  • Popularity
  • A Fisful of Euros has strangely very low Page Rank of 4/10 though being one of the most popular EU blog platform (which is confirmed by its very important Technorati rank). Moreover each articles published usually generates interactivity (an average of 3/4 comments).

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