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Today’s article will be on EurActiv JobSite, one of the major central places to find an internship or a job in the European affairs.

  • Description
  • euractiv-jobsite.pngEurActiv JobSite describes itself as being “a part of the wider FastActor service which includes the EurActiv Press Release Service and Agenda. Reaching more than 200 000 pageviews a month (and growing), publishing jobs and internships in EU affairs, from junior to top-level positions, the EurActiv JobSite provides you every day with the hottest vacancies in EU circles”.

    Indeed, you can find there a great variety of positions from different organisations (consultancies, industry federations, NGOs, etc.) mainly related only to the European affairs can be found here.

  • Evaluation of positive / negative aspects
  • EurActiv JobSite has recently been relaunched to optimize its design and general interface in a use-friendly prospective. Its new internal navigation system and the integration of web 2.0 features – notably the tag could – really improve the search. Moreover, the useful Yellow Pages lets you browse a wide range of accommodations and services in Brussels very interesting from a business perspective.

    If you don’t have the time to go to the website, a well-done weekly newsletter is set up reaching more than 7500 subscribers. Additionally, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Actually, it would have been also interesting to extend the use of RSS feeds to specific categories to monitor positions in a country, a sector or a type of organisation.

  • Popularity
  • EurActiv JobSite is clearly one of the most popular jobsite relating to EU affairs. From an advertiser point of view, it also benefits not only of the visibility of but also of its CrossLingual Network which makes its positions visible across 10 countries in Europe. This is only one feature of the FastActors service with the Agenda and the Press Releases services meant to support the online communication of European actors.

    Regarding the Agenda service:

    This service is meant to:

    • Increase traffic to your website,
    • Create awareness of your organisation,
    • Highlight key events with banner advertising.

    Regarding the Press Releases service:

    This service allows the users to maximise their online distribution and visibility and also provides the reader (clients or not) with a helpful tool to actively gather and aggregate press releases. It aims to provide unbiased, high level information on key issues to decision makers, EU professionals and the public at large and at the same time try to make it easier for journalists to pick up any press release they might otherwise have missed.

    The Press Release Service website will also be re-launched soon with more new and user friendly features.

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