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logo-eudebate-temp-fre.pngThough not being offically launched, I would like to talk about a promising European web project run by Café Babel,

Café Babel – the leading multilingual EU media among the “students and young professionals” (18-35 years old) – is trying to trigger interest about the importance of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections 2009.

This project should take the form of an interactive web platform integrating news, blogs, fora, etc. and is meant to create an interactive online European public space and thus foster democratic e-participation. Café Babel will no doubt use its 7 years web experience in community management to run this project.

Actually, this certainly will be not an isolated action from the civil society to re-engage European voters. Indeed, it is quite certain that other European organisations – such as NGOs or think tanks – will take part in this process

As far as I am concerned, these online communication projects will definitely support the European Parliament, National broadcasters, the EBU, with the cooperation of the Communication Commissioner, Margot Wallström, jointly working to make the 2009 election more interesting to the public thus increasing the turnout.

Keep going guys!

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