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This is just a short analysis about, “the new place to read EU blogs and keep yourself updated on the EU blogosphere” (Kosmopolito). I know there’s been already quite a buzz a few days ago about the launch of this new collaborative portal but I’d like to share my personal thoughts with you.
  • Description is EU blog platform developped Stefan Happer in collaboration with Jon worth aiming at agregating EU blog articles per sections. It has been launched in beta and already gathers about 300 EU blogs (actually, I was already aware of this initiative during its alpha phase like a few other bloggers).

The EU blog platform is participative and allows users to add their own EU blog and even moderate the content with the status of “editor”. I would describe this new wiki-like EU media as an original mix between a Blog platform and a RSS agregator.

  • Evaluation of positive / negative aspects

That said, it is an excellent tool to monitor the EU blogosphere. More than a Netvibes Universe, it brings quality because EU blogs are carefully selected while the content is edited filtered per sections.

What I really like is also the ranking of EU blogs based on two famous indicators that are the PageRank and Technorati Rank. Actually, from my personal experience, I do feel that the later one is more fitted for blogs. However, I am not sure that the PageRank and Technorati Rank are dynamically updated. To illustrate, let’s take the Blogactiv support blog. It has currently a PageRank of 7/10 while in the it has a PageRank of 6/10. It is certainly possible to do using a javascript on the model of websites like PageRank checker for example.

From a PR /PA point of view – and I think I won’t be contradicted by the guys behind the blog PA goes digital – this wikio-like ranking allows you to browse the main online experts / influencers on EU topics. This is a real added value which should be also put foward (also in the context of the upcoming European Parliament Elections).

Apart from that, I really like the ShoutBox though I definitely think it should be transformed into a forum-like space and avoid anonymous “shouts”!

There are not a lot of negative aspects. However, concerning the design, well… I think Jon – or someone else – should use its webdesigners’ skills to improve it. Really. And I have noted the multilingual options don’t really seem to work. And what about adding a search function?

  • Popularity

Well, after a few days of existence, is already very popular thanks to the support and involvement of the existing community of EU bloggers. As every Web 2.0 project, the success will depend of its participation. And I am not worried about that. Bravo guys!

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  1. Thanks for this extensive review and your suggestions! Search is indeed on our to-do list.

    As for the Technorati / Google rank: we are using an automated system to get the ranking. Will look into that.

    Can you describe your problems with the language interface / suggest improvements? Normally you should be able to select all the languages that you can read and then get a selection based on that (but not much non-EN-FR-DE content yet in the system)

  2. Thanks for your quick reaction Stefan!

    I know that is still in beta so my criticisms have to be nuanced…

    Could you tell me what are you using for Technorati / Google rank? Is it an API? I’d be eager to know!

    Concerning the language interface, well, I don’t really understan how it works actually. Is it supposed to change the language of interface or agregate content only in French? It doesn’t seem be properly set up for me but it might be only me.

    Except that, your work is impressive!

  3. The language buttons were one of the points I brought up, when I looked at the launched

    The buttons kept appearing and disappearing, and there was no explanation on how they are supposed to work.

    Anyway, you should receive the Karlspreis.

  4. I will try to clarify:

    What language is shown: Only those where content is also available (we didn’t want to show 23 buttons when there is often no content behind). You can always see all languages by clicking on the + icon

    Language selection: you should always select all languages that you can or want to read. The selection takes immediately effect and the site will remember it with a cookie.

    What are the numbers: When you click a language (or by selecting the # button) you see numbers indicating how much posts are available on the current page in each language.

    Now, if you ask me if this isn’t a bit complicated, I’d say yes 🙂

    We will see how it works. We could go back to a language switcher if the multilingual interface turns out to be not practical.

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