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As already stated by Mathew Lowry on his blog, the European Commission has been dipping its toes into the Web 2.0 and trying out a new innovative way to reach out the European citizens online.

After the successful experience of the European Parliament which has been campaigning to raise awareness on the European Parliament Elections 2009, the European Commission is exploring the potentialities of social media and renewing its way of communicating which is very interesting from an Internet marketer point of view.

Indeed, the DG Information Society and Media has been setting a Fan Page on Facebook entitled “Sea, Sun and SMS” with the aim of promoting the new regulation on roaming lowering the prices of phone calls and text messages (1 July 2009).

Sea, Sun and SMS
Sea, Sun and SMS

For those we haven’t realized, this initiative is quite revolutionary in the history of the communication of the European Commission in terms of communication channel, style of message and type of audience.

More important, the European Commission is leading this initiative internally: no subcontractor is involved.

So far, the Facebook Fan Page has reached more than 650 fans and generate positive interactions with its community.

After decades of institutional – formal – communication, one can say it is a promising “rupture” that could show quickly and effectively its results.

So, don’t wait anymore and support this initiative: Become a Fan of Sea, Sun and SMS!

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