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After one month of holidays, I just got back into the European affairs today. First thing in the morning, I checked to read the latest articles and analysis about my favourite theme: ICT. And, oh, surprise, I saw that the web portal dedicated to the EU had been revamped (once again).

Duplicate content, an important SEO issue

While there has been a clear improvement on the design side, it is clear that they are obvious SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues which should clearly have an impact on’s traffic of internet visitors. Especially, there is an important duplication of <title> on the homepage and the different sections and sub-sections of the website (“EurActiv”).'s Information Society and Media section's Information Society and Media section

Google’s guidelines to create good page titles

Make sure that each page on your site has a useful and descriptive page title (contained within the title tags). If a title tag is missing, or if the same title tag is used for many different pages, Google may use other text we find on the page. The HTML suggestions page in Webmaster Tools lists pages where Google has detected missing or problematic title tags. (To see this page, click Diagnostics in the left-hand menu of the site Dashboard. Then click HTML suggestions.)

Well, if I were still working for, no doubt I will fix this severe issue as soon as I can. Indeed, as an eMarketing consultant, I consider the fact of having descriptive title tags as one of the most important SEO factor. Otherwise, the website will slowly but certainly lose its high-ranking positions in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) on specific key issues. And this will have a severe business impact.

European affairs and the importance of online marketing

As I already started in my eMarketing Blog, it is impossible now to any European stakeholder to ignore the opportunities brought by the Internet. Why? Simply because being visible online is a cost-effective solution to gain influence on key political issues.

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