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Have you ever wondered what it feels to work at the European Commission in the field of communication? Informing EU citizens about the European Commission’s initiatives activities and keeping abreast of public opinion in Europe are the twofold mission of DG COM.

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  1. Oh, apparently they have corridors and coffee machines inside the Berlaymont. Who would ever have guessed?

    Communication is a two-way process – all you showed us was the Ministry of Propaganda. I would ask for evidence that anyone there ever listens to their victims, but obviously, if they did, they’d have already packed up and gone home.

    And yourself – the communicator – hiding behind a nom de plume: very communicative.

  2. Hello Paul,

    I am not really hiding. For your information, my name is Pierre-Antoine and I am working also at the EC (European Commission) as an intérimaire.

    Though the EC communication is not as interactive as it should be, some efforts are made in that sense. Well, I guess the simple fact that I posted this video done by DG COM is an invitation to collect feedback…

    Is the video really that bad?

  3. This video is quite interesting and well done. Only the guy in the information office should go to the “actor studio”. I think the lady (who was certainly somebody from the office) was his only “client” this day…

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