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Just as for curiosity, I checked the level of indexation on of, the official web portal of the European Union. Yep, I took this bad habit being a multilingual SEO consultant based in Brussels. The fact that I also worked at the European Commission played some role. 😉

Well, I was just amazed to see that actually more than 50,000,000 of pages are indexed ( Not so amazed actually as is credited to be one of the most important website in the world . In any case, this means that host at least 50,000,000 pages. Just enormous. But I doubt that receives actually the traffic they should get from such a lot of indexed content.

As I know that the European institutions are skilled into producing PDFs, I also checked the proportion of PDFs hosted by indexed on (filetype:pdf Well, there actually at least 5,000,000 of them which represents around 10% of the total pages. That’s actually quite problematic as PDFs are clearly not optimal format to be crawled by a search engines or accessed by an end-used.

My point is that both in terms of SEO and accessibility, editors should turn these PDFs into HMTL pages as it should be. This would also dramatically increase their traffic. And, after all, isn’t the main mission of editors to inform European citizens. That was my two cents. I’d like to blog more but time is running out. 🙁

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  1. It is funny you seem to think the EU really wants to give out information to citizens, well, no, the less citizens do know about what the EU really does the better!

    Have you ever tried finding documents on an issue and done it in less than 3 clicks ? The more complicated the better…

    No indeed the web portal will not be SEO friendly for a long time to come.

    And is being SEO-friendly what the EU needs more regarding internet when only an elite can access the internet in the EU, there is a cultural and financial gap to be filled there.


  2. Corinne, you’re right about blaming the European Commission for having such a messy website, but I don’t think their main goal is to hide information (contrary to the EU Council!).

    Just imagine 10 years of web development on several CMS/platforms, some of them being homemade, add to this a content non-strategy with almost no coordination between the various DG, and you get, a complete SEO unfriendly and unusable mess!

  3. Since is still the main resource online – except with EurActiv actually 😉 – it would be great to invest on SEO. The ROI would be tremendous. And I still think that before going crazy about Web 2.0, we should at least respect basic Web 1.0 standards… 🙂

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